5 days / 4 nights Tanzania Safari Beauty Package 2

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120 hours . Arusha and Kilimanjaro . Culture and Sightseeing

This 5 days itinerary, includes hiking in the Usambara Mountains, and is perfect if you are short in time or can be added to any other safari itinerary or mountain climb.

There are good reasons why Tanzania is called the Land of Wonders. Zara offers grand Safari adventures to all of Tanzania's alluring destinations. Our Safaris range from 1 to 9 days. We will give you a custom quote for any adventure you desire. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Zara Tours has been working successfully with visitors in the region since 1986.

Zara Tours has been working successfully with visitors in the region since 1986. We organize Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru treks, and many wild park safaris. We have guided many visitors safely, reliably, and professionally from the Serengeti plains to Kilimanjaro's summit. A trip to Africa is not complete without a visit to view the wildlife in the famous national parks: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire. On safari, you can see giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elephants, hippos, and a large variety of birds. Among the more rare treats are rhinos, leopards, cheetah, or a lion kill.

Day 1
Pick up from Kilimanjaro Airport and transferred to Moshi for dinner and overnight at Springlands Hotel.

Day 2
After breakfast drive to Usambara Mountains through the Eastern Arc . Several short stops for pictures, sisal plantations and environmental explanation. Lunch on the way before reaching the designation hotel which takes about 5-6 hours from moshi. After check in at the hotel take a short walk to the nearby water falls, dinner and overnight at Muller’s Lodge.

Day 3
After breakfast walk to Kivuga Peak where Mombo and Korogwe towns can be seen. The walk takes about 4-5 hours. The tour on Montane Forest , a high chance to see most colorful forest bird species, reptiles(like chameleons) ,butterflies, black and white colubus monkey, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys and forest flowers. Pickup lunch will be provided on the way during lunchtime. On the way visit the village close to kivuga peak. On arrival to the lodge you can take a short walk for bird watching or to the waterfalls. Dinner and overnight at Muller’s Lodge.

Day 4
After breakfast drive to Lushoto town for full day tour. 3-5 hours activities including a visit to Irente farm. At Lushoto town if lucky for a market day, the group will have a chance to interact with the local people who came to the market for various businesses. After this tour move to Irente farm via Irente view point to observe the view of Maasai plains where domestic stock roams, a view of Lake Jipe (an alkaline lake), Mazinde town and a main road to Dar-rs-Salaam. Pass through sugarcane, banana, coffee, potatoes and vegetable plantations. On arrival at the farm the lunch will be saved. Walk back to Lushoto passing through natural trails inside the Montane Forest. The bus will be ready at the town for a drive to the lodge. Upon the interest short walks can be arranged for bird watching or to the waterfalls. Dinner and overnight at Muller’s Lodge

Day 5
After breakfast drive to Moshi for about 4-5 hours. You can have a lunch and dinner at Springlands Hotel. In the late afternoon there is an option to visit Moshi town and then return to Springlands Hotel.
 Important Travel Information
Is This Trip For You?
Zara Tours has been working successfully with visitors in the region since 1986 as a tour operator. We were established in 1987 as an official Agent of ZaraTours organising Mount Meru, Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and National wild parks safaris and have guided Safely, Reliably and Professionally many visitors anywhere from the plain of Serengeti to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Our years of experience and knowledge as qualified climbing guides and safari tours operation in Tanzania, Assures you an experience you can remember a life time. Safety, efficiency and reliability have earned us the reputation for being one of the best-valued and most reliable operators in the region. With 88 registered Kilimanjaro Guides and a fleet of 4x4 Land rovers, 4x4 mini buses and 4x4 Land cruisers (all equipped with viewing roofs) we are ready to take you on your safari adventure and on top of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Our English-speaking guides will share the knowledge and stories of the incredible Tanzania Game reserves or joining you on your climb on the many routes to the top of magnificent Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The local currency is Tanzanian shillings. U.S. dollars, Euros, and credit cards may be accepted by larger stores and hotels, but the exchange rate is better with shillings. ATM's are only available in larger towns like Moshi and Arusha. Yahoo Currency Converter

Travel Companions
The maximum group size for this trip is 16. If you are interested in organizing a group with Zara we offer great incentives! Please inquire if you are interested.

With 88 registered Kilimanjaro Guides and a fleet of 4x4 Land rovers, 4x4 mini buses and 4x4 Land cruisers (all equipped with viewing roofs) we are ready to take you on your safari adventure. Our English-speaking guides will share the knowledge and stories of the incredible Tanzania Game reserves Safari Tips for guide and cook: $15/day for driver/guide and $10/day for cook (basic camping) for the whole safari group. Gifts: Guides and porters also appreciate your warm clothing, shoes, and packs. You may want to bring some older clothing items just for this purpose. Celebration: You are also welcome to invite your guides back to the Springlands Hotel for drinks and/or dinner (on you) as a thank-you in addition to their tip. Expectations Tips should not be dependent on whether you summit or not, but rather whether they were professional and had your best interests in mind.

With the exception of airfare, all Zara trips include all transportation costs and arrangements within the destination country. This does not include transfers to and from the aiport to the hotel or the equipment for all activities listed.
 Recommended Gear List
Safari Packing List Notes

• You can leave extra luggage in a locked storage room at the Springlands Hotel for no charge.

• You can leave valuables in a safe deposit box at the Springlands Hotel for $1/day.


• Sturdy, comfortable shoes, preferrably waterproof. They will get dirty.

• Tennis shoes or sandals for lounging in the evening

• Comfortable, breathable socks


• Shorts, mid-thigh or longer

• Lightweight, breathable pants

• Short-sleeved shirts, cool and breathable

• Long-sleeved shirt or sweater for evenings

• Rain racket and pants or rain poncho


• Day pack, for you to carry

• Large duffel bag or backpack


• Water bottles, and water purification tablets or purifier

o Bottled water is also available for purchase on safari

• Sun hat with brim

• Sunglasses

• Bandana (for dust, etc.)

• Money ($400 or more in cash and/or travellers cheques, including some small U.S., Euro, or Tanzanian bills)

• Headlamp or flashlight

• Camera, film/disks, mini-tripod

• Video camera, tapes

• Maps, guidebooks

• Batteries

• Binoculars

• Notebook, pencil, and pen

• Pocket knife

• Electricity adapter

• Energy bars, hard candy, snacks, and comfort foods

• Playing cards, games, books, frisbee, football, kite

• Chocolate or pens for village children, momentos for guides and other travellers

• Umbrella, particularly useful in the rainy season, can be purchased in the market for around $2

• Plastic bags and zip-lock bags for waterproofing

• Sewing kit

• Salt, pepper, spices for bland food

• Business cards

• Alarm clock

• Calculator (for currency conversion)

• Swim suit for hotel swimming pool


• Toilet paper (and baggie to carry used paper while walking)

• Small towel

• Soap

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Handi-wipes (moist towelettes for cleaning)

• Hand sanitizer

• Lotion

• Glasses, contacts, solution

• Comb, mirror


• Passport

• Yellow fever certificate

• Tanzania Visa

• Medical insurance

• Address book

• Vaccination records

• Airline tickets

• Cash, travellers cheques, credit cards

• Maps, guidebooks

• Make copies of passport, TZ visa, airline tickets/schedule, travellers cheques numbers.

Leave a copy with someone at home and put a copy in a separate place in your luggage.

First Aid

• Ibuprofin, Aceteminophen, or Aspirin

• Throat losenges

• Bandaids

• Moleskin

• Sunscreen (SPF 15+)

• Lip balm with sunscreen

• Insect repellent

• Disinfectant, Antiseptic cream

• Bandages and tape

• Diahrea medicine

• Antihistemines

• Ace bandage

• Melatonin (1-3mg) or other sleep aid

• Malaria pills (talk to your doctor)

• Antibiotics (talk to your doctor)

• Prescription drugs (talk to your doctor)

• Diamox (talk to your doctor)

Gifts for Guides, Locals

• Shoes

• Any warm clothing

• T-shirts

• Hats

• Nerf football, frisbees

• Candy

• Pens
 Departure Location
Springlands Hotel
Pembo Road
Tanzania, United Republic of

 Cancellation Information
Cancellation of a booking or failure to join a tour will result in a retention of funds by ZaraTours  Inc. as follows: Upon receipt of written cancellation by any member of the tour indicated on this reservation 30 days or longer prior to departure, 20% of the reservation of the canceling party will be retained by ZaraTours and the balance of the package price refunded. If a cancellation is received at least 14 days and up to 29 days prior to departure, 50% of the package price will be retained by ZaraTours Inc. If a cancellation is received less than 14 days prior to departure, 100% of the total package price will be retained by ZaraTours Inc. and all outstanding payment will become payable immediately. Should the canceling party be able to find a replacement for themselves no less than 14 days prior to departure and the replacement completes this booking form individually, no retention of funds will take place. However, should no replacement be found by 14 days prior to departure, a 100% cancellation penalty will apply to the canceling party. ZaraTours  Inc. and its agents reserve the right to terminate, at their discretion and with immediate effect, the participation of any person on the tour.

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Additional Details

Duration:   120 hours
Category:   Safari
Destination:   Arusha and Kilimanjaro
Theme:   Culture and Sightseeing
Skill Level:   Beginner

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